We are a team of experts with international experience. Working with the best projects in Europe, we create a lot of unusual projects to make the territory greener.
Out work is based on using modern technologies and quality materials only. According to the last tendency, we are ready to stuff incredible design to your gardens, flower beds or lawns with further support.

Lawn Care

Do you prefer classic design for your territory? We would recommend the simple green cover with the lawn. It is simple to care, don’t need extra attendance and pleasant for any eye.

Grass Installation

The main point of growing grass cover is a clean surface which doesn’t contain extra weeds and roughness. So, for this needs, we have a special machinery park to prepare the soil before seeding.
We also provide our potential clients with the free consultations before the start of the projects and detailed recommendation list.


Water supplying is the main support to make your grassland green during the year. We return our projects with the underground system and automatic sprinklers.
After the installation, we care about your water system via monthly control checking and basic maintenance.

Nicholas Dexter

(Garden designer & Director)

Howard Roark

(Landscape architect)

Christoph Pendel

(Water supplying engineer)