Guided visits to the natural environments of the Garden and the Wood Museum
Visitors have the opportunity to get to know the typical environments of the mountain plain, such as the beech forest, the fir, the pond, and of the high mountain, such as the rock and the high altitude meadows. They will also be able to appreciate the thematic areas dedicated to medicinal plants and autochthonous horticultural varieties, and taste the berries.
Guided tours and organized activities are carried out by qualified personnel according to the principles of Environmental Interpretation (Tilden, 1957; Sam Ham, 1992; Rideout-Civitarese, Legg and Zuefle, 1997).


An educational activity that aims to reveal meanings and relationships through the use of original arguments, by means of direct experiences, multimedia illustrations, rather than through a simple statement of a fact.

Tilden, 1957

Environmental interpretation is an approach to communication: it involves translating the technical language of the natural sciences and the sectors connected to them into a language with terms and ideas that are easily understood by «non-experts» … in an engaging and interesting way.

Ham, 1194.

For guided tours, reservations are required at least two days in advance.
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Annual visitors


  • Single person
    5,00 €
  • Families
    12,00 €
    (2 adults and up to 2 children under 12; each additional child € 1.00)
  • Groups
    (each) 4,00 €
    (over 10 people)
  • School groups
    (each) 4,00 €